In this section we will transmit and share some knowledge, reflections and inspiration.


Some of the material comes from that Great Master that has contributed so much to the Awakening of the Consciousness of Humankind, and some has been written from our Instructors of the Gnostic Institute of Australia.


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The Advent Celebrations


In many traditions, churches celebrate the important moments that leads to Christmas.

The term Advent come from Latin Etymology means “the arriving, the coming” . 

This liturgic moments marks the double coming of Christ:

When Jesus Christ is born and his return on the Judgement day. Meaning, the Purification of oneself to receive the Christ who is coming.

What is the time of Purification we are referring to in terms of Gnosticism? We are going to talk in symbols, for the consciousness.

Purification has to do with Repentance. Repentance when one Repents about the existence of the Egos that cause suffering and pain to ourselves and others.

This is symbolized by the birth in the barn among the animals. Who are these animals? The Egos that we carry inside of ourselves and within which our consciousness, our Inner Christ, is trapped, inside of the egos, inside the "myself". By liberating the Inner Christ that is trapped He will be born.

Christ is born through a purified heart and through the Alchemical work.

A Purified Heart is a Light Heart, filled with the Virtues of the Soul.

In relation to the judgement day; a good example can be found in the Egyptian Book of the Death. When the Heart of someone deceased is weighed by the Egyptian Goddess Maat. Maat is the Goddess of Order and Justice and she has a feather upon her head.

On the day of the judgement, the feather is placed on the plate of the Scale, meanwhile on the other plate the heart of the deceased is weighed.

If the heart is lighter than the feather- the destination of the soul will be favourable, conditions for the development of the Essence without so many laws of Punishment.

However, if the Heart is heavier than the feather, filled with bad will, full of earthly desires and full of excuses, caused by the manifestations of the Egos, the Soul will be born with harsh conditions for the Development of Essence. A more complicated life will follow.

But if we work on ourselves in this lifetime, working towards the awakening of Consciousness, we may have an opportunity to leave the Life of hard density, related with heavy laws and return to the path of Self-Realization, like the Prodigal Son and do the Will of the Inner Father, instead of doing the will of the egotistical egos.

 We have decided that during this Advent period, to have a Reading, every day, from the "Imitation of Christ", by Thomas a Kempis, providing each day as we progress towards Christmas a good inspiration for those who are searching for nourishment for their Souls.

Thomas a Kempis was a great Being, who intentionally wrote this work of Art, to help the Consciousness of those who are searching for the Truth, for the Origin and Purpose of their Lives.

For those who want to go deep inside of themselves, to find what cannot be found from the outside. For those who known How to listen to their Voice of the Silence.

In the world full of distractions, with all of its worries and identification with the negative aspects of Society, we need to rescue our Essence from the bustle of Life.

The Imitation of Christ is a Reflection of what is the most important aspects of our lives, and indicates how and why to transform our life.

It is the Search for the Holy Grail, from the lost true Spirituality that once we had in abundance when our lives were lighter and in full connection with our Being and with our Inner Christ, with Respect and Great Veneration and Devotion.

We are in the times of the Kali Yuga, where Respect barely exists at all, and superficiality is the main topic of conversations. Where other people’s lives are more important then the cultivation of our inner own life.

So, we hope that you feel inspired to come to read the selections that we will put here on a daily basis, at least until Christmas.

We would like to suggest reading your own copy of the Imitation of Christ. It is of a great value for the development of ones Inner Life and to learn how to live our life in full, based on the development of our Inner Christ, which connects us with our Real Being, and to the reason that we are here, gaining experiences to Awaken the Consciousness.





Of a good government in external things, and of having recourse to God in dangers 

1. "My Son, for this you must diligently make your endeavour, that in every place and outward action or occupation you may be free within, and have power over yourself; and that all things be under you, not you under them; that you be master and ruler of your actions, not a slave or hireling, but rather a free and true Hebrew, entering into the lot and the liberty of the children of God, who stand above the present and look upon the eternal, who with the left eye behold things transitory, and with the right things heavenly; whom temporal things draw not to cleave unto, but who rather draw temporal things to do them good service, even as they were ordained of God to do, and appointed by the Master Workman, who has left nought in His creation without aim or end.

2. "And if in any chance of life you stand not in outward appearances, nor judgest things which are seen and heard by the fleshly sense, but straightway in every cause enterest with Moses into the tabernacle to ask counsel of God; you shalt hear a divine response and come forth instructed concerning many things that are and shall be. For always Moses had recourse to the tabernacle for the solving of all doubts and questionings; and fled to the help of prayer to be delivered from the dangers and evil deeds of men. Thus also ought you to fly to the secret chamber of your heart, and earnestly implore the divine succour. For this cause we read that Joshua and the children of Israel were deceived by the Gibeonites, that they asked not counsel at the mouth of the Lord,(1) but being too ready to listen to fair speeches, were deceived by pretended piety."

(1) Joshua ix. 14.




NOTE: While the "fourth way" of the Gnostic Work does not require permanent entry into a monastery, the following quotation indicates the psychological attitude that needs to be cultivated in life.


Of a religious life

1. It behooves you to learn to mortify yourself in many things, if you wilt live in amity and concord with other men. It is no small thing to dwell in a religious community or congregation, and to live there without complaint, and therein to remain faithful even unto death. Blessed is he who has lived a good life in such a body, and brought it to a happy end. If you wilt stand fast and wilt profit as you ought, hold yourself as an exile and a pilgrim upon the earth. You wilt have to be counted as a fool for Christ, if you wilt lead a religious life.

2. The clothing and outward appearance are of small account; it is change of character and entire mortification of the affections which make a truly religious man. He who seeks aught save God and the health of his soul, shall find only tribulation and sorrow. Now can he stand long in peace, who strives not to be least of all and servant of all.

3. You art called to endure and to labor, not to a life of ease and trifling talk. Here therefore are men tried as gold in the furnace. No man can stand, unless with all his heart he will humble himself for God's sake. 




NOTE: In Gnosis, "the self" are the egos we carry inside.

BOOK 2: Considerations for interior life; (parts of) CHAPTER XI

On the small number of the lovers of the Cross 

… 3. Oh how powerful is the pure love of Jesus, when not mixed with self-interest or self-love!

Are not they to be called hirelings who always look for comforts? And they who think only of their own advantage, do they not show themselves to be lovers of self rather than of Christ? Where will a person be found ready to serve God without looking for a reward?

4. It is hard to find anyone so spiritual who is willing to be stripped of all things. Where will you find a person truly poor in spirit and free from all attachment to creatures? Such a one is a rare treasure brought from distant shores (Prov 31:14).

If we were to give up all our possessions, it is still nothing; if we did severe penance, it is but little; if we acquired all knowledge, still are we far from virtue. Even if we had great virtue and fervent devotion, we would be lacking that one thing necessary above all else.

And what is that one thing? That leaving all things behind, we should leave self, renouncing our self completely and keeping nothing of self-love. And then when we have done all things that we ought to do, let us think that we have done nothing.

We should not regard as great that which may be considered so by others, but rather let us in truth look upon ourselves as worthless servants.

As our Lord, the Truth, has said: “When you have done all you were ordered to do, say, “We are unprofitable servants”” (LK 17:10). Then will be truly poor in spirit and able to say with the Prophet: “I am alone and afflicted” (Ps 25:16). Yet there is no one richer or more powerful, no one more free than we are if we know to renounce ourselves in the lowest place. 




BOOK 3: Interior considerations; CHAPTER XXV

In what consists firm Peace of Heart and true progress

Christ: My child, I have said:” Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give it to you” (Jn 14:27).

All human beings desire peace; but not all will do what is necessary to obtain it. My peace is found among the humble and gentle of heart; you will find your peace by being patient. If you will listen to Me and follow My words, you will enjoy great peace.

2- Disciple: What, then, shall I do, Lord?

3- Christ: At all times pay attention to what you are doing and what are you saying, and make it your constant intention to please Me alone, neither desiring nor seeking anything apart from Me. Do not make rash judgements on what others say or do, and do not concern yourself about things not committed to your care.

If you follow this advice, you will be little or seldom disturbed. But never to feel any disturbance at all, nor to suffer any anguish of heart or bodily pain, is not the state of this present life, but of the life to come.

Do not think, therefore, that you have found true peace if you feel no grief, nor that all is well if no one opposes you; nor that you have arrived at perfection if everything goes the way you want it. Do not entertain any notion that you are a privileged person, particularly beloved by God, because you experience great fervour and devotion.

It is not in such things that a true lover of virtue is known, nor does a person’s spiritual perfection and progress consist in these things.

4. Disciple: In what, then, Lord, does it consist?

5. Christ: In surrendering yourself with your whole heart to the will of God, and in not seeking yourself either in great things or small, in time or eternity. If you remain constant in this attitude, you will continue to thank God whether things go well or otherwise, weighing all things in the one equal balance of His love.

And if you come to the state that, when inward consolation is withdrawn, you can move your heart to suffer still more, if God so wills - not considering it an injustice for you to suffer such great things, but acknowledging the justice of all My decisions- and still praise My holy Name, then you walk in the true way of peace and may hope without doubt to see Me face to face in everlasting joy in the Kingdom of heaven.

And if you can arrive at a complete contempt of yourself, you can be sure of an abundance of peace, as much as is possible, during your earthly exile.





BOOK 1: Interior considerations; CHAPTER VII

Of fleeing from vain hope and pride

1. Vain is the life of that man who puts his trust in men or in any created Thing. Be not ashamed to be the servant of others for the love of Jesus Christ, and to be reckoned poor in this life. Rest not upon yourself, but build your hope in God. Do what lies in your power, and God will help your good intent. Trust not in your learning, nor in the cleverness of any that lives, but rather trust in the favor of God, who resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.

2. Boast not yourself in your riches if you have them, nor in your friends if they be powerful, but in God, who gives all things, and in addition to all things desires to give even Himself. Be not lifted up because of your strength or beauty of body, for with only a slight sickness it will fail and wither away. Be not vain of your skilfulness or ability, lest you displease God, from whom comes every good gift which we have.

3. Count not yourself better than others, lest perchance you appear worse in the sight of God, who knows what is in man. Be not proud of your good works, for God's judgments are of another sort than the judgments of man, and what pleases man is oft times displeasing to Him. If you have any good, believe that other shave more, and so you may preserve your humility. It is no harm to you if you place yourself below all others; but it is great harm if you place yourself above even one. Peace is ever with the humble man, but in the heart of the proud there is envy and continual wrath.





BOOK 1: Admonitions for a Spiritual Life; CHAPTER XX

On the Love of Solitude and Silence, part I and II

1. SEEK a convenient time to search your own conscience, meditation on the benefits of God. Restrain curiosity; read only those things that will move you to contrition rather than give you distraction.

If you will withdraw from unnecessary talk and useless running about and listening to the latest gossip, you will find the time to occupy yourself in devour meditation. The greatest Saints avoided the company of worldly people as much as possible, for they preferred to be alone with God.

2. One person has said: “As often as I have been among others, I have returned less a man.”

We know this from experience when we talk too long. It is easier to remain silent than not to say too much when we speak.

It is also easier to stay home alone than to watch what you say when you go out as not to offend. Therefore, those who intend to lead the interior life and to have the grace of devotion must, with our Lord, go away from the crowd. Unless you like solitude, it is not safe for you to appear in public.

No one can be in the lead who is unwilling to remain in the background, and no one can govern with safety who does not know how to obey.

No one is truly happy who is aware of an unclean conscience.




BOOK 2: Considerations for interior life; CHAPTER III

The peaceful person

You must fist have peace in your own soul before you make peace between other people.

Peaceable people accomplish more good than learned people do. Those who are passionate often can turn good into evil and readily believe the worst. But those who are honest and peaceful turn all things to good and are suspicious of no one.

The discontented are easily troubled; they never know a quiet moment, nor will they leave others at rest. Many times they say the wrong thing and miss the chance of doing good. They are great for saying what others should do, but neglect their own duties. Begin by looking to your soul and then you will be better able to have zeal for your neighbor.

2- You are always ready and able to excuse yourself, putting the best possible construction on your own actions, but you refuse to listen to the excuse of others. The charitable way is to accuse yourself and to excuse your neighbor. If you want others to bear with you, then you must bear with them.

Look at yourself and see how far you are from real charity and humility, which cannot be resentful against anyone but oneself. It is no test of virtue to be on good terms with easy-going people, for they are always liked. And, of course, all of us want to live in peace and prefer those who agree with us.

But the real test of virtue and deserving of praise is to live at peace with the perverse, or the aggressive and those who contradict us, for this needs a great grace.

3- There are some contented people who can live peacefully with others; and some there are who can neither have peace themselves nor leave others in peace. They are a cross to others, but a heavier cross to themselves. There are also some who can remain at peace themselves and seek to establish peace among others.

However, in this mortal life, our peace consists in the humble bearing of suffering and contradictions, not in being free of them, for we cannot live in this world without adversity. Those who can best suffer will enjoy the most peace, for such persons are masters of themselves, lords of the world, with Christ for their friend, and heaven as their reward.




BOOK 3: Interior conversation; CHAPTER XIV

On Considering the Secret Judgments of God, so that we do not become proud of our good works

Disciple: O Lord, your judgments sound forth like peals of thunder over my head and all my bones shake and tremble with fear, and my soul is seized with trembling. I am astounded when I consider that even the heavens are not pure in Your sight. You found sin among the Angels and did not spare them; what then will become of me?

Stars fell from heaven (Re 6:13); what hope can I have, who am but dust? Some whose works seemed worthy of praise have fallen to the depths, and those who were fed with the Bread of Angels I have seen delighted with the husks of swine, that is, in pleasures of the flesh.

2. There can be no hope of holiness, O Lord, if you withdraw Your merciful hand. No wisdom can benefit us, if You cease to rule; nor strength be any support, if You do not preserve us. No chastity is secure, if You do not defend it; no self-protection can avail us, if You do not keep watch over us; for if You abandon us, we sink and are lost.

But when You visit us with Your grace, we are lifted up and restored to life. We have no stability, but we are made firm by You; we are cold, but You stir us to fervor of spirit.

3. Oh, what a lowly and humble opinion I ought to have myself, and how little I ought to regard whatever good I may seem to have! How deeply I ought to submit myself to Your profound judgments, where I find myself to be nothing else but nothing!

O Substance, immense beyond all weight! O Sea to whose furthest shore no one can ever sail, where I find my substance to be nothing, absolutely nothing! Where is there any hiding place for pride, and where is the confidence I had in my supposed virtue? All self-esteem is swallowed up in the depths of Your hidden judgements upon me.

4. What is all flesh in Your sight? Shall clay glorify itself against its Maker? How can any persons deceive themselves with empty praises whose hearts are subject to truth in God?

All the world cannot move them to pride whom Truth has made subject to Himself; nor may they whose whole trust rests in God be deceived by flattering tongs. They see well that all who speak are nothing, for they shall fade away with the sound of their words, but the truth of the Lord endures forever (Ps 116:2)




BOOK 3: Interior conversation; CHAPTER XV

On how we are to conduct ourselves in our desires

Christ: My child, in every circumstance this is how you should pray: “Lord, if it be Your will, so let it be, and if it be to Your honour, let be fulfilled in Your name. Lord, if this be for my good, give me the grace to use it for Your honour; but if You know that it will be harmful to me and not profitable for the good of my soul, then take away from me such desire.”

Not every desire comes from the Holy Spirit, even though it seems good to you. It is difficult to judge rightly whether a good or evil spirit urges you to desire this or that, or whether you are prompted by your own spirit. Many have been deceived in the end who at first thought they were guided by the Holy Spirit.

2. Therefore, it is with fear of God and a humble heart that you should desire and ask for whatever comes to your mind as desirable. With entire abandonment of yourself to God, commit all things to Me, saying: “Lord, you know what is best for me; let it be done according to Your will.

Give me what You will, whatever measure You will and at whatever time You will.

“Do with me what you know to be best, as pleases You best and as will best promote Your glory. Put me where You will and freely do with me in all things according to Your will. “Am I not Your creature, and in your hands, for You lead me about and turn me about as You will? I am Your servant, ready to do all things at Your command; for I do not want to live for myself, but only for You. If only I could do this worthily and perfectly!”

A prayer to fulfilling the Will of God

3. O most merciful Jesus, grant me Your grace, that it may remain with me always and persevere with me to the end. Grant me always to will and desire what is most pleasing and acceptable to You.

Let Your will be mine, and let my will always follow Yours in perfect conformity with it. Let my will and desires always be one with Yours; and let me be unable to will or not to will except as You will or do not will.

4. Grant that I may die to all worldly things, and that I may be despised and unknown for love of You.

Grant, above all things to be desired, that I may find rest in You, and that in Your heart alone may be my peace. You, O Lord, give true peace to the heart and perfect rest to body and soul.

Apart from You, all is difficult and never still.

In that peace, in You who are the one, supreme and eternal Good, I will sleep and take my rest (Ps 4:9). Amen




BOOK 3: Interior conversation; CHAPTER III

The words of God are to be heard with humility; Many fail to reflect on them

Christ: My child, hear My words and follow them; for they are most sweet and far exceed the learning and wisdom of the philosophers and all the wise of the world. My words are spirit and life, and not within the scope of human understanding.

They are not to be adapted or applied to the vain complacency of the hearer, but are to be heard in silence, with humility and reverence, with deep affection and in great tranquility of body and soul.

2. DiscipleBlessed is the person you admonish, O Lord, the person you teach by means of your law, giving respite in times of misfortune (Ps 94:12-13), so that such a person may not be left desolate upon the earth.

3. Christ: Then our Lord answered: I have taught Prophets from the beginning and I continue to speak to all persons; but many have hardened their hearts and are deaf to My voice.

Many prefer to listen to the world than to God, and to follow the desires of the flesh than the will of God.

The world promises things of short duration and little value; yet with what great eagerness is it served. I promise everlasting things of great value, but human hearts are indifferent and unmoved.

4. Who is there that serves and obeys Me with the devotion and obedience such a one gives to the world and its rulers? Blush for shame, says the sea! (Isa 23:4). And why is this? For a small reward people will undertake long journeys, but for life everlasting they will scarcely lift their feet from the ground.

Often a thing of little worth is diligently sought after and sometimes they quarrel over a mere coin. Persons will toil day and night, for a trifling advantage, or the mere promise of it.

5. For shame! For the good that never changes, for the reward no one can rightly value, for the highest honor and glory that will never end, people are unwilling to make the slightest effort.

Be ashamed, you slothful and complaining servant of God, that there are those who are more ready for the works of death than you to win everlasting life; and that they enjoy the pursuit of vanities more than you do the pursuit of truth. Yet, they are often deceived in those things in which they hoped; but My promise deceives no one.

The person who trusts in Me is never sent away empty. What I have promised, I will do; and what I have said, I will fulfill, if only a person remains faithful in My Love to the end. I am the rewarder of all good people and the mighty tester of all devout.

6. Write My words carefully in your heart and often meditate on them; for they will be very necessary to you in the time of temptation. What you fail to understand when you read will be revealed to you at the Time of My coming.

There are two ways in which I visit My elect: with temptation and with consolation. Also, there are two lessons which I daily read them: in one I rebuke their vices and in the other I stir them to increase in virtue. Those who have heard My words and ignored them have One Who shall judge them on the last day.

                                               A prayer to obtain the Grace of Devotion

7. Disciple: O Lord Jesus, You are all my good and the source of all I have.

What am I, Lord, that I should dare to speak to you? I am Your poorest servant, a miserable worm, poorer and more despicable than I can dare to say. Look at me, Lord, for I am nothing, I have nothing, and I can do nothing of myself.

You alone are good, just, and holy and can do all things. You give all things, and You fill all things with your goodness, leaving only the sinner empty and devoid of heavenly comfort.

Remember Your mercies and fill my heart with your grace, for You do not will that Your works become vain in me.

8. How can I bear the miseries of this life without Your grace and mercy to strengthen me? Do not turn Your face from me and do not delay to visit me with Your comfort; otherwise my soul will become like a parched land (Ps 143:6) to You without the water of grace.

Lord, teach me to do your will (Ps 143:10) and to live worthily and humbly in your sight. You are my wisdom and you know me as I truly am; You knew me before the world was made, and before I was born into this life.




BOOK 3: Interior conversation; CHAPTER XIII

On humble obedience after the example of our Lord, Jesus Christ

Christ: My child, they who try to withdraw themselves from obedience withdraw themselves from grace. They who seek personal privileges lose those which are shared by all.

If people do not freely and willingly submit themselves to a superior, it is a sign that their flesh is not completely under their control, but that is often rebels and complains. Therefore, if you want to subdue your lower nature, first learn to obey your superior.

If the inner person is strong, the outward enemy is sooner overcome. There is no worse or more or troublesome enemy to your soul than yourself, as long as you flesh is not under the control of your will.

Therefore, it is an absolute necessity for you to acquire a true contempt of yourself, if you would prevail over flesh and blood. But because you still love yourself in a wrong way, you are afraid to resign your will entirely to the will of another.

2. But is it such a great thing for you, who are but dust and nothingness, to submit yourself to a man for My sake, when I, the Almighty and Most High God, Creator of all things, humbly submitted Myself to human beings for your sake? I become the lowliest and the least of human beings, so that you might overcome your pride through My humility.

You are but aches, learn to obey; you who are but the dust of the earth, learn to humble yourself and to bow beneath the feet of others for My sake. Learn to break your own will and to give yourself to all subjection.

3. Direct your wrath against yourself, and do not allow pride to rule over you; but show yourself to be so submissive, so insignificant, that all may walk over you and trample you underfoot like the mud in the streets.

What have you to complain of, vain person? O wretched sinner that you are, what answer can you justly make to those who rebuke you, since you have so often offended God and so often deserved the punishment of hell?

In spite of all this, My merciful eye has spared you, for your soul is precious in My sight; so that you might know My great love for you, and be ever grateful to Me in return, and give yourself to perfect and true humility, and suffer the contempt of others for My sake.




BOOK 3: Interior conversation; CHAPTER V (partially)

On the Wonderful Effect of the Love of God

5. Love is ever watchful; it rests, but does not sleep; though weary, it is not tired; restricted, yet not hindered. Although it sees reason to fear, it is not dismayed; but like a spark of fire or a burning flame, it blazes upward to God by the fervor of its love, and through the help of His grace is delivered from all dangers.

Those who love thus know well what their voices mean when they cry out to God with all the ardor of their soul: You, Lord God, are my whole love and all my desire. You are mine and I am all Yours.

6. Let my heart expand in Your love. Let me learn to know how sweet it is to serve you, how joyful it is to praise You, and to be dissolved in Your love. Oh, I am possessed by love and rise above myself because of the great fervor I feel through Your infinite goodness.

I will sing the canticle of love to You and will follow You, my Beloved, wherever You go, and may my soul never weary of praising You, rejoicing in Your love. I will love You more than myself and myself

only for your sake; I will love all others in You and for You, as Your, Law of love commands.

7.Love is swift, sincere, pious, joyful and glad; it is strong, patient, faithful, wise, forbearing, courageous, and is never self-seeking; for when people seek themselves, they cease to love.

Love is cautious, humble and upright; not weak, not flighty, nor concerned with trifles. It is sober, chaste, firm, quiet, and keeps guard over the senses.

Love is submissive and obedient to authority, mean* and despicable** in its own sight, devout and thankful to God. Love always trusts and hopes in God, even when it lacks fervor; for there is no living in love without some sorrow or pain.

8. Those who are not always ready to suffer and to stand disposed to the will of their Beloved are not worthy to be called lovers; for lovers must gladly embrace all hardship and bitter things for their Beloved, and never allow themselves to turn away from Him by adversity.

Note- Love is so great (humble) that on his own eyes he is unworthy*and  **understands when he deserves to be harshly judged. Love is sacrifice towards others, like Jesus was sacrificed for the love of Humankind.


T0 all the Mothers and Divine Mothers


Tomorrow we celebrate a Mother’s day here in Australia.

In the special day we would like to honor those women who gave life and sacrifice their lives for their children. Who are symbol of Love and Comprehension not just in the Micro cosmos but on the Macro cosmos.

As well, we have our physical mother who gave life to us, there are other aspects of this Feminine force in the Universe.

She is part of the creation of the cosmos/universe; she is our Divine Mother, who represents Nature; she is within us to guide all our way in our journey of this lifetime, but also who never left us meanwhile we were passing from body to body and she represents the Divine Mother Death.

May we all receive and perceive the need to appreciate our physical mothers or pray to the mothers who left us in our families! 

Referring to this special part of our Being, Samael Aun Weor gives us the following wisdom in Esoteric Course of kabbalah:

“If you want to return to the Father who is in secret, you must first return to the womb of your Divine Mother Kundalini. You need to raise the Serpent of Life through your medullar canal; that is Alchemy. You have forgotten about your Divine Mother Kundalini. You need to adore the divine and blessed mother of the world. You have ungrateful towards your Cosmic Mother. She is the Virgin from all religious belief systems. She is Isis, Mary, Cybele, Adonia, Insoberta…

Study from the sacred book of your Divine Mother. “Ask and you shall receive; knock and it shall be open unto you.” Your Divine Mother can grant the occult powers you long for. Pray to your Divine Mother. Practice your esoteric exercises; you may ask your adored Mother for clairvoyance, telepathy, clairaudience, the faculties for astral emergence, etc. You can be certain that your divine Mother will know how to listen to your supplications. You must meditate profoundly every day on your Divine Mother, praying and supplicating…”


Lie down in your bed, face up, with the entire body relaxed.

Lull yourself to sleep, meditate on the Sacret Serpent which is in the coccygeal chakra.

Pray with all your heart, meditating on the following prayer from a sacred ritual:


You are, O Hadit !, my secret, the Gnostic mystery of my Being, the central point of my connection, my heart itself, blossom on my fertile lips made Verb. There above, in the infinite heavens, in the profound height of the unknown, the incessant radiance of light is the naked beauty of Nut. She reclines, she arches in delightful ecstasy, so as to receive the kiss of the secret desire of Hadit. The winged sphere and the blue of the sky are mine.




These mantrams have the power to transmute our creative energy into light and fire, within the alchemical laboratory of the human organism. This prayer with its corresponding mantrams can be used during alchemy. This prayer with its mantrams is a omnipotent key for meditation on your Divine Mother.

From: "Esoteric Course of Kabbalah" V.M. Samael Aun Weor




Mary Help of Christians


O Mary, most holy, I greet you as my gracious Queen and thank you for the countless blessings you have been showering on all those who come to you for help [mention your prayer request] .

Mary, powerful Virgin, you are the mighty and glorious protector of the Church.

You are the marvellous help of Christians.

You are awe-inspiring as an army in battle array.

You eliminated heresy in the world.

In the midst of my anguish, struggle and distress, defend me from the power of the enemy, and at the hour of my death receive my soul in heaven.

I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen




The Great Void


When we go beyond body, beyond emotion, and beyond mind, we indeed experience an element that radically transforms us. In the Illuminating Void, people often experience fear, the terror of the annihilation of self. 

So it happens that in this Great Void we go beyond personality, beyond individuality, and beyond the ‘I.’ In this Great Void, one feels that one’s consciousness is in communion with all that is, has been, and will be. In such delicious moments, we are experiencing what really is: we are living in the flower; we are living in the mountain; we are living in the shy little bird flying amidst the treetops; we are living in the fish that swims in the depths of the water; we are living in the dew drop and in the sun travelling throughout infinite space... We are one with all things! 




Thank you Master Litelantes


Much could be said about the Master. Master Samael speaks to us about this Lady-Adept in his Work. There are testimonies from people who lived with the Master and who had experiences and still have experiences, both in the physical world and in other dimensions. There is no doubt that she still helps us and holds our hand when we deserve it.

The Master has Mercy even if she is a Master in the court of Justice, among the 42 Judges.

She helps, when with Faith we ask her for help. She is ready to hold our hands, but because we are asleep we do not perceive her help.

During an astral experience she could tell us: "Do you want help?" And because we are asleep we could answer: "No, thank you very much". And that's enough for her to go away from that place.

What a waste! Master Litelantes does not waste time saying: Are you sure? The Master is direct and very practical. She acts according to one's will and respects one’s  free will.

If one wants help, and asks for it with faith, the Master can help, but if one does not have faith and is proud in their attitude, the Master can withdraw, even if one has had the opportunity to be helped. She does not waste her time. So, let's have faith and humility to be helped by this special Master.

Today, February 5, is the anniversary of Master Litelantes. She  disincarnated on February 5th, 1998. And she left the responsibility of the Gnostic Institute of Anthropology to her son Osiris Gomez Garro, our beloved director of the World headquarters until February 20, 2015, when he disembodied. Leaving for the time being the responsibility to our esteemed Director and his wife, Mrs. Inmaculada Ugartamendia de Gomez.

May we have Strength, Patience, Serenity, and Love in our prayers to carry forward the responsibility that each member of the gnosis has. This is to help humanity that is so distant from the true path that leads to the true Revolution of Consciousness, and the true search for the Self-Knowledge of the Being and therefore of oneself.

May we have courage and motivation to work with the three factors of the Revolution of Consciousness:

1) Death: disintegrating our psychological defects;

2) Birth: just as in the physical world a body is born, so can one (whenever possible) create his superior bodies for access to the experiences of the Superior Worlds

2) Sacrifice: knowing how to suffer for this Humanity, providing the opportunity to the people so that they can access this Superior Knowledge.

Below are some phrases of Master Litelantes, taken from the book “Litelantes in Memoriam”. This book is not yet translated into English but that for this special occasion, we translate some phrases as homage to our Master.

Thank you very much. Whoever is reading this text: do not stop looking for what your Being seeks. Listen to the voice of your Heart and search. Look inside yourself and look for it outside, if you want to have access to this Knowledge. Search for a Gnostic Center or contact us as you wish.

Thank you very much

Cristina, Gnostic Missionary in Australia

 “The sacrifice was of Samael and my person. We were the ones suffering and carrying other people's problems. All those students who are in the Gnosis, have found everything already served, at the table, and still they have the audacity to say that Gnosis is theirs.

 Gnosis is for those of us who know how to respect and know how to live. And to know ourselves, and not care about others opinions, but the Doctrine. That is Knowledge."

"... if you like the teaching, then give the teaching of Samael, but you are not required to. If you do not, you will need to have patience. There should not be division, but if there is, what can we do? I do not make the division. Because it is more beautiful to work together, without ambition at all.

The only ambition that each one of us must have is to awaken conscience, to die in ourselves, to give the knowledge, that is the great work, and the Great Work of the Father, the rest is not important."

Responding to a letter: "... God in his infinite Mercy is always present to help and encourage us. Go ahead with your lectures and never become discouraged despite the setbacks. We must integrate the three factors of the revolution of conscience in a balanced way and we must march on the inner path that leads to the integration of the different parts of our Being. Any question or concern about the inner work, write to me and I will always answer your letters. Move ahead. May peace be with you. ”


Signed: Arnolda Garro de Gomez (Litelantes).



The Seven Rules of Paracelsus


In his rules, Paracelsus encompasses absolute health in a series of simple instructions. Breathing, eating, kindness, concentration and confidence in life and oneself as a method of virtuosity and discretion —as Socrates affirmed in his three sieves—, and to live a life free of excesses.These rules, which I find to be one of the most valuables guides for living, are a must to have a copy of in a place where you can see it as often as possible. I personally have my own copy.


1. Improve your health.

To do this we must breathe as often as possible, deep and rhythmically with well-filled lungs, outside or looking out a window. Drink in small sips every day two litres of water, eat lots of fruits and chew food as consistently as possible. Avoid alcohol, tobacco and medicine, unless for some reason you are subjected to severe treatment. Bathing daily is a habit you owe to your own dignity.


2. Banish from your spirit, despite the many reasons that may exist, any idea of pessimism, resentment, hatred, boredom, sadness, revenge and poverty.

Run away from every opportunity to deal with people who are vicious, vile, murmuring, lazy, and gossipy; also avoid people who are vain or vulgar and of inferior natural baseness of understanding or whose topics of conversation are sensualist topics. The observance of this rule is of decisive importance: it’s about changing the spiritual texture of your soul. It is the only way to change your fate because it depends on our actions and thoughts.


3. Do as much good as possible.

Aid any person that may be in need, but never have a weakness for anyone. You must take care of your own energy and avoid any form of sentimentalism.


4. Forget any offense, better yet, strive to think on the wellbeing of your greatest enemy.

Your soul is a temple that must never be corrupted by hatred. We are all great beings that have been led by an inner voice, but this will not speak to you suddenly; it requires preparing for it over time, destroying the overlapping layers of old habits, thoughts and behaviours that way heavily on the your divine spirit, which is perfect but powerless because of the imperfect vehicle that you have provided it for its manifestation, lean meat.


5. Seek shelter where no-one can disturb you. Sit as comfortably as you can with eyes that are half shut and a blank mind.

This fortifies the brain and the spirit energetically, and it will connect you with good influences. In this state of meditation and silence we usually come up with luminous ideas, capable of changing our entire existence. With time the problems that arise will be victoriously resolved by an inner voice that will guide you during those moments of silence, alone with your consciousness. That is the diamond which Socrates talks of. 


6. You must be absolutely silent about your personal issues.

Abstain yourself, as if you had taken a vow of silence, from telling others, even your closest friends and family, anything you think, hear, know, learn, suspect or discover. For a long time at least you must be a safe house or sealed garden. This is a rule of utmost importance.


7. Never fear men or what tomorrow might bring.

Have a strong, clean soul and everything will turn out for the best. Never think of yourself as weak or alone because there are behind you powerful armies that you cannot conceive —even in your wildest dreams—. If you raise your spirit there will be no evil that can touch you. The only enemy who you must fear is yourself. Fear and distrust of the future are the dire mothers of failure and they bring disaster along with them.


If you attentively study people who have good luck you will see that they intuitively observe a great part of these rules.  It is true that many people who enjoy great wealth are not necessarily “good” in the strictest of senses, but they do possess many of the virtues mentioned. On the other hand, wealth is not synonymous of happiness. It can be one the factors that lead us to it because of the power it gives us to partake in grand and noble works; but truly lasting happiness is only achieved by following other paths, that is where the ancient Satan of legends will never rule, his name is Selfishness. Never complain of anything, control your senses, run both of humility and vanity. Humility will take your strength away and vanity is so toxic it is almost a deadly sin against the Holy Spirit.